Your Bedding Is Causing Your Acne

Your Bedding Is Causing Your Acne

Imagine this.

An entire banquet of anti-acne products; creams, lotions, sprays and one, SINGULAR anti-acne pillowcase.

All in one room.

The best products in the world to help people clean up their acne. 

There are twenty people in the room. 

Only one product of each available.

The buzzer goes. Time starts. 

And there is one women who grabs the pillowcase immediately and thinks she did a great job, and outsmarted the rest. She did indeed win the only pillowcase. Good for her! Yet everyone else still thinks she is the biggest idiot in the room...

But she isn't.

When we think of skincare, our mind immediately goes to a bathroom mirror with lotions, creams and other products.

Countless hours are spent in that mirror and countless more worrying about how to fix our acne when we go out in public. 

It's a shame, really.

Because the energy spent during waking hours is significant, only for it to be completely undone overnight. 

Do you want to know why?

Well, how do we spend 1/3 of our lives?


But few of us spend time or money on the very thing we rest our face on for 8 hours a night. 

And it's a BIG oversight. 

The pillowcases we sleep on, often made from materials like cotton or polyester, can be a breeding ground for bacteria and a catalyst for acne.

You want to know why?

Here's why...


The Link Between Your Bedding and Acne


Your pillowcase might seem irrelevant, but it actually plays a BIG role in the protecting your skin from bacteria.

Cotton and satin materials can trap oils, dirt, and bacteria inside of your skin, creating the perfect storm for acne to flourish.

This is because cotton and satin have higher thread counts than silk, creating a rougher surface for bacteria to develop.

Instead of a smooth, silky soft surface that is able to disperse sweat and oils on your skin, cotton and satin trap it.

The result?

Acne and black outs.

That's why I love the term 'beauty sleep'.

Because the meaning is misconstrued by many.

It's not just about the quantity of sleep, but also the quality of sleep + the bedding you choose.


Why Material Matters: Eucalyptus Silk vs. Cotton & Satin


When we consider solutions to acne and having unhealthy skin, Eucalyptus silk is a clear answer.

Eucalyptus silk is renowned for its natural anti-bacterial properties, as it offers a cleaner surface for your skin each night.

Eucalyptus is naturally hypoallergenic with breathability and cooling properties. 

This means that your skin remains dry and cool throughout the night, which bacteria HATES.

The smoother texture, along with a VERY special ingredient, effectively reduces the likelihood of acne breakouts.

It's really important that people conscious about their skin health understand this.

Most of the skin improvement comes at night - when the body is resting, calm and has a chance to heal.

So make sure you are getting the best quality material possible for your skin to thrive. 

The Anti-Acne Pillow Case


COZO’s Eucalyptus & Mulberry silk pillowcases are specifically designed to protect your skin from bacteria. 

COZO leverages the natural benefits of Eucalyptus silk along with an organic compound (Eucalyptol/Cineole) to repel against acne, irritation, and other skin concerns.

COZO customers have raved about having a healthier skin complexion after using COZO silk pillowcases.

That's because we use only the highest quality silk in the world.

The battle against acne is fought on many fronts, and while topical treatments and skincare routines play their part, the role of your pillowcase should NOT be underestimated.

With COZO’s Eucalyptus silk pillowcases, you can chill knowing that your skin is protected even in your sleep.

If you want to read the reviews, click here.

For clearer, healthier skin when you sleep, try a Eucalyptus silk pillowcase.

Your skin will thank you.

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