The Sleep Secret - Eucalyptus Silk & Eucalyptol

The Sleep Secret - Eucalyptus Silk & Eucalyptol

Picture this.

A simple decision that changes everything.

Now, every morning.

You can feel it.

Your soft, hydrated skin.

The heavenly feel of running your fingers through your smooth, untangled hair.

You wake up feeling well rested and rejuvenated. Every single morning.

Seems a little farfetched, right?


Eucalyptus Silk is a new fabric that's having a big impact on people's sleep and wellness.

COZO's Eucalyptus Silk (or referred to as Lyocell) contains an organic compound that enhances your sleep experience.

This compound is what sets COZO pillowcases apart from cotton, satin and ... well, other silk brands. 

That compound is called Eucalyptol or Cineole.

Let's dive into how this special ingredient can redefine your sleep experience and lead to healthier, longer lasting sleep for you today.


What is Eucalyptus Silk and What Are The Benefits?


Like that new kid at school that shows up half way through the semester, Eucalyptus Silk is the new kid on block when it comes to silk-like fabrics. 

The creation process is innovative and has a number of health, environmental and wildlife benefits.

Firstly, it's derived from the pulp of sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees.

It consumes far less water and has no harmful chemicals in its creation, unlike traditional cotton or mulberry silk.

But the best thing about it?

The Eucalyptus silk fabric is super soft and has hypoallergenic properties.

So when customers go to sleep, the Eucalyptus silk helps them feel relaxed and comfortable while also protecting their skin from bacteria.

But here at COZO, we aren't about giving our customers the bare minimum.

That's not our style.

And to us, offering Eucalyptus silk by itself is the bare minimum.

So we decided to go all in.

With a little magical ingredient called Eucalyptol.


Eucalyptol Is Your Sleep Saviour


Eucalyptol, also known as Cineole, is found abundantly in Eucalyptus tree species.

Each COZO Eucalyptus pillowcase contains Eucalyptol and its health-enhancing properties.

The natural organic compound is best known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities.

It ensures your skin and hair are protected from bacteria every night as Eucalyptol naturally repels allergens, sweat and nasty germs.  

Because lets be honest.

We spend so much money and time on skin lotions and creams.

But most of us forget about the material we rest our head on every single night for eight hours!

Prioritising your skincare and haircare for all hours of the day is important.

And Eucalyptol is the perfect ingredient to help provide that.

So say goodbye to Bacteria. Acne. Frizzy hair. Tangles.

And say hello to a healthier, hygienic sleep.

But wait, we hate the bare minimum around here .... remember?

Eucalyptus Silk gives more.


You need to feel cool when you sleep


Every COZO Eucalyptus pillowcase has a moisture-wicking feel and cooling properties.

This helps to keep you cool & relaxed each night, laying the foundation for a deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Many of our customer reviews rave about how cool their Eucalyptus pillowcase feels when they go to sleep.

This matters ALOT when we talk about sleep quality and duration, because our body temperature has to cool down before we are able to fall asleep.

That's why many of us struggle to fall asleep when it's hot - and why COZO helps keep you cool at all times.


Eucalyptus Silk sounds great. How does it compare to Cotton?


Cotton and Satin pillowcases are popular because they have been around for a LONG time.

But there are many reasons why consumers are slowly starting to shift towards Eucalyptus silk.

Cotton, for instance, can absorb and retain moisture, including sweats and oils that build up on your skin. 

This creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

It results in far more breakouts and acne issues for cotton users.

Most people don't realise this.

Or that cotton is far rougher compared to the fine yarns that produce thin silk fabric. 

This can exacerbate acne and disrupt the delicate balance of your skin.


A healthier life with COZO

At COZO, we promise not just a better sleep with our products, but a healthier, better life.

Healthy skin? 


Healthy hair? 


Healthy life.


Discover our full range here and transform your sleep today..

Let every night be a step towards a healthier, happier you.

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