Frequently Asked Questions

COZO's Material

What is Vegan Eucalyptus Silk?

Eucalyptus silk, or as it is commonly referred to as Tencel Lyocell, is the new girl on the block when it comes to the fabric world. We refer to it as silk because it has the same soft feeling as silk and is easy for our customers to understand.

It's made from the wood of Eucalyptus trees.

The wood pulp of the Eucalyptus tree is broken down into a smooth fiber. This is then spun into a soft, silk-like fabric.

What does vegan Eucalyptus silk feel like?

Vegan silk feels incredibly soft and smooth against your skin, just like traditional silk. It's a luxurious fabric that provides the same indulgent experience while being eco-friendly. It's been proven to help our customers fall asleep faster, but is a far more sustainable choice than traditional silk. So you aren't compromising on comfort.

Is vegan silk environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! COZO's vegan silk is an environmentally friendly choice. It is derived from eucalyptus trees, which are sustainably grown and harvested. The production process uses fewer resources compared to traditional silk, making it a more eco-conscious option. Rest assured that when you choose our vegan silk products, you're making a
positive impact on the environment.

What skin issues does COZO's products solve?

COZO naturally kills acne-causing bacteria and will help prevent:

  • Breakouts (pimples)
  • Dry or oily skin
  • Blackheads & whiteheads

What is the difference between Eucalyptus and Mulberry Silk?

Eucalyptus silk is a cooler, thicker fabric compared to Mulberry with an organic compound (Eucalyptol) perfect for protecting your skin and hair.

It is the better option when it comes to sustainability, energy preservation and protecting animals.

Mulberry silk is the smoother and thinner option for those that prefer a thinner, silkier feel.

You can read more on the topic here:

What is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100?

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a certification meaning that all products are tested and approved to support ecological safety and non-toxic substances are used. All COZO products are OEKO-TEX® approved.

Where is your vegan Eucalyptus material sourced?

COZO's vegan silk material is carefully sourced from reputable suppliers in Europe who share our commitment to sustainability. Our Eucalyptus material is responsibly harvested, ensuring minimal environmental impact. The material is spun, woven and sown in China

Product Care

How do I wash my COZO products?

- We recommend using a machine delicate wash or hand wash (cold setting) Opt to air dry your product, rather than use a drying machine.

- Do not bleach, tumble dry or dry clean (no trichloroethylene)

- Iron low heat

Do I wash my COZO before use?

Yes you can, although not entirely necessary (we promise, nothing bad will happen if you don’t!).

How often should I wash my COZO?

We recommend washing your pillowcase or sleep mask every 10-14 days for optimal hygiene.

Delivery & Returns

When will my order arrive?

We understand that you're eager to start your dreamy sleep journey. Once you place an order, our team works diligently to dispatch it within 2 business days. Shipping times vary based on your location, but you can expect your order to arrive within 3-7 business days.

What is your returns policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your COZO purchase. If, for any reason, you're not delighted with your order, please reach out to our customer support at within 45 days of receiving your product. Our friendly team will guide you through the return process and provide assistance with exchanges or refunds

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We offer international shipping to bring the COZO sleep experience to dreamers worldwide. Please note that shipping times and fees may vary depending on your location. Rest assured, we'll do our best to ensure a smooth delivery experience.

Payments & Exchanges

What are my payment options?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Afterpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

I'd like a refund. How do I get one?

Send an email to and we'll get it sorted within 24 hours.