An Easy Sleep Tip To Improve Your Sleep

An Easy Sleep Tip To Improve Your Sleep

A wise man once said that improving your sleep is like refining a recipe - small adjustments can lead to perfection.

Who was the man? Can't remember. It doesn't matter.

What matters is I'm going to share a personal sleep tip that has led me to sleep perfection. 

A fews weeks ago, I was in a funk.

I was tossing and turning. My mind was racing when my head hit the pillow.

Every night took me hours to fall asleep, a disaster in the summertime. 

I needed to do something different and I got a tip from a trusted friend. Have a warm shower RIGHT before you go to bed.

The results have been UNBELIEVABLE.

Even in the heat, I feel cool once I rest in bed.

I'm so relaxed that once my head hits the pillow, I fall asleep almost instantly (which is unheard of, if you know me).

So this made me curious. 

What happens to your body in this process?

Here's the short and sweet explanation:

1. When you take a warm shower or bath, the warm water heats up your skin. This expands your blood vessels. Think of it like opening up a highway for cars – more space means more blood flow.

2. Once you step out of the bath or shower, that expanded highway of blood vessels is now exposed to cooler air and rapidly releases the heat from your body.

3. The cooldown makes your brain think "it's bedtime!" and it releases melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that makes you feel drowsy and ready for sleep. It's like flicking a bed time switch in your brain.

4. Warm water soothes your muscles, telling your brain you're calm and ready for sleep.



ChatGPT made this image... it's not exactly what I was after but you get the gist

Give this a go if you are struggling to sleep or need a change in your sleep routine.

Track the results and if it works, move those morning showers right before!

I'll be providing tips like this, along with the science and reasoning behind it for each newsletter!

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