A person that is shocked about the bacteria on their pillowcase

Your Pillowcase Is Full Of Bacteria. And You Don't Even Know It.

"This is awful, how did I not know about this?"

Give me a dollar every time I've heard that.

No seriously, give me one.

Because I'd be a millionaire.

It's crazy to me that most people will sleep in filth without realising it.

All of those night-time lotions, creams and serums.

All to be wasted, once your head hits the pillow. 

Because catch this....

The average cotton pillowcase accumulates up to 17x more bacteria than a dirty toilet seat. 

I'll let you read that one again...

Yet, most people I know sleep on Cotton pillowcases.

It's baffling, and it's bad for your skin.

So what's the goal of this article?

Well, to educate and to help change your mind.

Because your cotton pillowcase is full of bacteria.

And you need to do something about it.


The Problem with Cotton Pillowcases


Sleeping on cotton is like smoking cigarettes in the 60's.

Everyone loves to do it, but it's awful for your health. 

Cotton's hygiene problems stem from its material properties.

Cotton fibres, which are highly absorbent, trap oils, sweat, and dead skin cells (gross!).

This makes it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

Not only that, Cotton is made with a high thread count.

The tighter the weave, the greater capacity for bacteria to live in the material.

So when you think you sleep for 8 hours a night on your pillowcase, think about bacteria going to town on your skin!

If you're a visual person like myself, let me paint a picture of your pillowcase:



And if you're a science guy, it gets a bit more terrifying.

After just one week on your cotton pillowcase, over 3 million (!) colony forming units (CFU) of bacteria are carried.

They prey on your skin and multiply as the nights drag on and the moisture grows.

And unfortunately, your skin health suffers.

Bad breakouts and acne are common, which can also lead to allergies and asthma.

The double whammy when it comes to your overall health.

We worry so much about the day to day exposure of our skin to bad toxins - but completely disregard it when we sleep.

It's like we're taking crazy pills!

Your skin health matters. But so does your pillowcase quality.

They go hand in hand.

I know it sucks to hear this, but you needed to know!



But it's not all doom and gloom.

At COZO, we're all about providing solutions.

I know of an amazing substitute to Cotton that's cheaper, better for your skin, softer and better for the environment.

It sounds too good to be true, right.... right?


Eucalyptus Material

Eucalyptus fibres are considered pretty new as a material to be used for sleep products. 

But wowee, are they a game-changer when it comes to sleep performance and hygiene.

Made from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees, it's broken down and woven in a closed loop process to create lyocell fibres. 

Lyocell is well known for it's natural anti-bacterial properties. 

This is because of it's natural source (Euclayptus).

The material is naturally hypoallergenic, with no chemicals or preservatives used in the creation of the Eucalyptus material.

We refer to it as 'Eucalyptus silk' at COZO because it has the same, soft-like texture as regular silk.

Oh yeah.

But it's without the animal cruelty, significant energy and water wastage and transport costs that regular silk has.

This article is about skin health though, right?

So lets talk about how Eucalyptus helps with that. 

The Power of Eucalyptol

COZO's Eucalyptus silk pillowcases have a secret ingredient called Eucalyptol.

Eucalyptol is a natural organic compound which has anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties.

It makes it the perfect anti-acne pillowcase to combat bacteria.

Our manufacturing process for COZO Eucalyptus material ensures that enough eucalyptol is retained to contribute to a cleaner sleep surface.

This means you're not just sleeping on a softer pillowcase, but one that actively resists bacterial buildup, promoting clearer skin and better overall health.

So when you rest your head at night, you are reassured that your skin is not only protected, but improves with COZO.

Don't take it from us.

COZO's fans have raved about the impact on their skin.


All I'll say is this.

Don't forget about the thing you rest your head on for 8 hours a night.

High quality bedding is often overlooked for the sexy new skincare cream or lotion.

I get it. The colours are cool.

But choosing the RIGHT bedding is essential for your health.

Not only for sleep performance, but skin and hair health as well.

So what are you waiting for?

Get rid of your cotton and make the switch to Eucalyptus silk.

Your skin will thank you for it.

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