Benefits of Wearing a Sleep Mask

Benefits of Wearing a Sleep Mask

Are Sleep Masks Good For You?


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Sleeping soundly in a world filled with distractions is no easy task. Whether you're journeying through different time zones, battling the urban glow of streetlights, or simply trying to find serenity amidst a bustling household, a sleep mask can be a game changer. Dive deep into the scientific and lifestyle benefits of this bedtime accessory.

What is a Sleep Mask?


A sleep mask, often known as an eye mask or bedtime mask, is a wearable item designed to block out unwanted light, creating complete darkness. Typically made from soft fabrics, it ensures comfort while offering the ideal environment for undisturbed sleep.



The Science Behind Sleep Masks


The human body has evolved over millennia to align its sleep-wake cycles with the natural light-dark cycle of the earth. In the modern age, artificial lights and screens disrupt this alignment, impacting our sleep profoundly. Here's a detailed look into how sleep masks help counteract these disturbances:


 1. Promoting the Production of Melatonin


  • Darkness plays a crucial role in regulating our circadian rhythms. The absence of light stimulates the pineal gland to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. With the advent of artificial lighting and screen exposure, our evenings are often not dark enough.
  • A sleep mask ensures complete darkness, signaling the body to produce optimal melatonin levels. This not only helps you fall asleep faster but also ensures you stay asleep.


2. Enhancing REM Sleep


  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is a deep sleep phase critical for cognitive functions like memory processing, emotional regulation, and learning.
  • As per the OUP Academic study, sleep masks can prolong REM sleep, making it more restorative.


3. Protecting against Light Pollution


  • Modern living environments, especially urban settings, are plagued by light pollution. Whether it's streetlights seeping in through the curtains or electronic device LEDs, they can disrupt sleep cycles.
  • Minor light interruptions can significantly decrease sleep quality. Sleep masks provide an effective barrier against such disruptions.


4. Minimising Sleep Disruptions 


  • The sleep phase is cyclical, and there are lighter phases where we are more prone to waking up. During these phases, even minor light changes can cause awakenings.
  • Sleep masks can be beneficial in creating a constant dark environment, reducing the chance of these interruptions.


5. Benefits Beyond Just Sleep


  • Sleep masks don't just enhance sleep; they also aid in reducing puffiness around the eyes and may support better skin health due to reduced exposure to light at night.


    "Sleep is the best meditation." - Dalai Lama


    The consistent theme across research and expert opinions is clear: controlling our light exposure at night, specifically ensuring complete darkness, is pivotal in improving sleep quality. In our modern world, where true darkness is a rarity, sleep masks emerge as an invaluable tool in our sleep arsenal.



    Choosing the Right Sleep Mask for You 


    One of the main reasons we started COZO was the sheer size of sleep masks in the market,  flooded with various designs and quality. It's important to take these three factors into consideration when deciding on a sleep mask:


    • Material: Look for natural, breathable fabrics. Fabrics that are made to last. We have done just that with our Eucalyptus Silk range and Mulberry Silk Range
    • Fit: It should comfortably conform to the shape of your face while protecting your eyes from sunlight
    • Adjustability: An adjustable strap can ensure the mask stays in place.


    Fortunately, we worked tirelessly to build the perfect sleep mask that ticks all three of these boxes. 


    Explore the COZO Sleep Mask product collection for both Mulberry Silk and Eucalyptus Silk Designs.


    Final Thoughts & Tips 


    Harnessing the power of a sleep mask is one step closer to perfecting your nighttime routine. But remember, it's a tool. Combine it with other sleep hygiene practices for the best sleep results.


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